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SSDI Death Master File - Updated 31 May 2013 - A Vital Resource for Research

Published May 31, 2013

Now available to the entire internet community.

It has always been unrestricted public information

Lately these authoritative files have been of great help in discovering and proving the existence of the "fake death industry."  Fake death has long been in use as an instrument of political intimidation, fraud, and control.  Now however, it is finally becoming well known to the general public - largely because of the furious use of 'false flag' as well as utterly fake terrorist attacks within the US.  The tempo of these proven staged and fake attacks increased dramatically since 2010.

Just let me note that these are the raw files in .ZIP in plain text.  The entries are in order of Social Security number.

Death Master File 31 May 2013

Death Master File 31 May 2013

Death Master File 31 May 2013


All I ask for is source credit:
Social Security Death Master File courtesy of SSDMF.INFO. Fair enough?

This is the edition of 31 May 2013.

File #1 -- "Death Master File 31 May 2013"
Hash = b3eb4a1f67aef4134edab3be4f3cdc2b

File #2 -- "Death Master File 31 May 2013"
Hash = ac1c3d04af2431266a7111de8bddd194

File #3 -- "Death Master File 31 May 2013"
Hash = fe8115d3e946f5374d8d7a8d5089d24b

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Year 2013
Language English
Collection opensource_media


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